After five hours of continuously working on my computer this morning, I stopped. I felt so exhausted.

I was on the verge of discovering my 20% of my Pareto Principle, but all I did was research here and there and couldn’t seem to act. My thoughts were so full of information, or put it bluntly, my mind was disorganized.

Nap is an answer to a tired mind, so I did.

After refreshing my mind, I started to work again. A post I read from Beth from about mind mapping suddenly came to me. I knew I had to reread it and map my mind.

To declutter your thoughts, here’s the guide on how to do mind map:
1. Start with a main idea and write it in the middle of your paper. Encircle it.

2. Branch out. What are the major things that you would associate with your central idea? Write them all down.

3. Add sub- categories to these major ideas.

4. Color them. Red, blue, black, green, and all the colors you can think of. As long as it pleases your eyes and helps you with organizing your thoughts.

Voila! I had stopped analyzing the things I needed to do and really started my work. From now on, this is what I will add to my morning routines.

Here are different mind maps I found on Pinterest that could give you inspiration.

Remember, mind mapping is a solution to a disorganized mind.

Keep calm and just Kaizen it!