On a date once, a guy was a little earlier than our agreed movie time, so he went ahead and bought snacks. He texted me: Coke, Sprite, Royal, Iced Tea.

I replied: Coke. Make that regular.

Another message: For popcorn, would that be butter, cheese, sour cream and onion, barbeque?

Me: any
I would always come back to that memory because I would analyse why I didn’t choose my favorite which is cheese. It has always been my favorite. I always know what I want, but that experience was an exception.
Only today did I find out why.
I listened to  a podcast of PsychoTactics of Sean D ‘ Souza and my thought was validated. It was because of analysis- paralysis.

The main reason is excess. If we are provided with a lot of choices, we become paralyzed.
Similarly, when we do marketing for our products online, we come across different options to choose from. We have Instagram marketing, others say that email marketing is the best, while others believe that Facebook ads works.

Idea upon idea come to us and we do not know what to prioritize.

How to get over Analysis- Paralysis?

Here are the things we can adapt.
1. Draft. 

When we go to a grocery store, our goal is to buy things we need, so we have a grocery list. Without this, we may forget the important ones, or worse, we would waste time, because we don’t know what to put in our basket.
Action step:

Mind Map. After learning this yersterday, I even mind map the important points on the podcast I just listened to.

2. Deadline. 

Years ago, I  worked as a social media manager for a few months.  As a middleman between the clients and the website designers, we have strict deadlines to adhere. This deadlines were essential to the  many great websites that were built.

Action- step:

Tell your audience about the deadlines. This might give you pressure, but since there’s cash transaction involved, you wouldn’ t have a choice but commit to your promise.

Don’t get paralyzed; stop analyzing.

Remember to draft and put a deadline.

You’ll get through this.

Kaizen mode on!