Although I could have the most unique business ideas, I would fail big time. This is a distinct weakness of an ENFP. Here, know your own personality. ( Hint: It’s way much better than Horoscope.

Years ago, when I started a project, I was enthusiastic about it. Big dreams after big dreams grew.

Because of a number of  failure and impatience, I abandoned my project. The dreams gradually fell, until I came back to my comfort zone.

These past few months, having a mindset of a Kaizen, I now embark on continuing  my dead dreams, but with tweaks. Similarly, it  has a grand vision compared with before, but  with small, daily improvements.

Listening to Psychotactics made me point out what I needed to have.

You can also learn from this: Tolerance

There are three kinds of tolerance that we could incorporate in our lives if we want to win big in life:

1. Tolerance for Failure
2. Tolerance for learning
3. Tolerance for the long haul

Tolerance for failure
How many of Picasso’s paintings are famous?Maybe hundreds.

However,  do you know that Picasso had 18000 paintings, 12,000 sculptures, 12000 drawings?

Keep posting that article that you write daily.

Keep  taking that shot.

Keep cooking.

You would never know when you can be a Picasso one day.


Tolerance for learning
You’ve got to have the enthusiasm to learn.
It’s not about information overload. The most effective is absorbing the knowledge deeply. Small daily improvements will lead to big results.
Tolerate the need to read and thoroughly study the lessons.
Tolerate listening to podcasts and tolerate writing what you’ve learned.

Don’t forget to do it daily, that Kaizen-like personality.

Tolerance for the long haul
Larry Page tried to sell  a company  to Excite in 1999 for  $750,000, but Excite turned it down.

Fast forward, eighteen years later, that company named Google is now $101.8 Billion. as of May, 2017.

If you want to achieve your dream, do things for  the long haul.

Go ahead, buy that web host for five years.
Book yourself a weekend at a hotel and visualize those small and big goals into a time line of five to ten years of your life.

To sum it all up, if you are serious to succeed, having the patience to fail and get back up again, the strength to learn deeply and the resiliency to dream for the long haul   are the three types of  tolerance that you need to have.


Here’s a success quote for today:

Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong? They usually miss the future. Larry Page